"We have to get back up, because of all of this that is happening. We have to smile again, we can’t look sad, we can’t be crying everyday. It has already stoped, we cried what we have to cry, now we have to go back smiling again… We have to train, dedicate ourselves, get in the field saturday and win, for us, for our supporters, for our family, and we appreciate all the suport that we had today, was very important for each one of us, because it gives us strenght to finish this trip that we already started. 

God helped me in that match, because if it was 2cm deeper, I wouldnt… *crying* sorry, sorry. I could have been in a wheelchair right now. So it’s complicated to talk about something like that, in a moment so important in my career, I ended up suffering. It happened, life goes on.” - Neymar 


queued - still doing my gcses :’(

"That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."Right now, 45 years ago, Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on the Moon.


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